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This is the home page of ARCaine Technology which offers Digital Audio Restoration and the widely used paper-saving print utilities, 2COL and JETCOL, for DOS and Windows. We now also offer ClipNfile, the Cyberspace data organizer.

2COL and JETCOL are great for printing shareware documentation, address lists, source code, etc. Our programs can interface to word processors such as Boxer, Microsoft Word, and WordPerfect. If you are interested in ecology and want to save trees (and money) have come to the right place.

We also offer Professional versions which generate an alphabetized index of the words in your document by line and page number. These are particularly useful for lawyers, court reporters, and programmers.

Read about Clip 'N File our new Cyberspace data organizer. It not only helps you organize information you run across while surfing the net but can also be used with any Windows or DOS Windowed application.

The Windows interface now allows you to print with any TrueType font through Print Manager. The correct font size is automatically selected and you can preview and customize the appearance of your documents before printing. Now works with "send to" in WIN95. LOWER PRICE: the price has been reduced to $8 when ordered with 2COL or JETCOL.

We have a special offer good through April 30, 2002. If you purchase or upgrade 2COL or JETCOL, you can have the Professional Version upgrade (a $30 value) for only $10 additional. Or if you order 2COL or JETCOL plus the Windows Interface plus Clip 'N File you will receive the Professional upgrade for free. Be sure to mention this offer when ordering.

2COL and JETCOL now print booklets and pamphlets. User specified footers can now be printed too.


We are offering a new service called Digital Audio Restoration.  This the process of eliminating noise from recordings such as scratched and worn 78's and LPs while retaining or (even enhancing) the original sound. We use our own proprietary software to process the sound and prices are extremely affordable. Sometimes even a swap for your old records can be worked out for cleaned up versions on audio cassette. Contact me at my email address at the bottom of the page for more info. To hear a brief before and after excerpt of a very worn 1911 recording of Maria Barrientos singing the Pearl of Brazil, click here for (291K) WAVor here for (53K) MP3.


Supports dotmatrix, inkjet, and deskjet printers:


Supports laser printers and some deskjets:




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